A Construction Website can be vital to your business. Because construction and general contracting can be is unique field, marketing for it can be tricky. For this reason CMS Roofing and Construction turned to Ascend Marketing and Consulting.

When hiring a marketing company to build and promote a website it’s important to know both sides of the equation. Ascend specializes in Business to Consumer websites such as Roofing Contractors, Painters, Gutter Installers, Window and Door Contractors, etc. The owners at Ascend have worked in the construction field for a number of years and have successfully built up a number of companies.

So why hire Ascend for your construction website?

  • Web Design Experience – When a homeowner is looking to purchase a roof or set of gutters they look for specific credentials, testimonials, etc. Organizing those things in a way they are expecting to see is vital for conversion. Holding customers on Home Improvement sites and converting customers into phone calls takes a special skill set which has been used by Ascend for many years.
  • Construction Experience – The owners of Ascend cut their teeth in the roofing and construction fields. They have been on the sales and administrative side in the home remodeling and beautification industry. This previous opportunity gives perspective to everything they do; from how the site is designed and developed to the colors and layout. All have all been proven and tested.
  • Marketing Experience – Showing up on the search engines is essential for getting phone calls. Reviews and referrals are extremely important as well. Ascend has been marketing construction to homeowner websites since their conception. The online strategy of internet marketing is different in every industry. Trust a firm who is familiar with being successful in this industry specific type of promotion.

So think about who you want to design your construction website. Think about experience and familiarity with the product your company is selling and the distinctive way it’s done. Business selling to a consumer (especially to a homeowner) should be done in a specific way. Shouldn’t your business align with a pro acquainted with the hurdles ahead?

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Ascend Marketing and Consulting

Ascend Marketing and Consulting

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