Constructing a new rooftop? Or want to recycle the old rooftop? Considered the type of roofing framework? Have you considered buying asphalt roofing shingles? No? Then this is the time to get to know your options. Or you may already be accustomed to the term asphalt shingles. Americans have been using them for a long time as a popular roofing alternative. But why them? When you have so many substitute options; for illustration, concrete, metal, clay, wood, slate, cement and more?

Even if you have never heard the name, fret not! Here is everything that you ought to know about the currently dominating roofing systems throughout American households and townhouses. But before you compare the pros with cons, you need to know what they are, what are their types and styles, etc.

Read on to find out.


They are made of four layers. They are manufactured from a delicate mat of fiberglass reinforced to prevent tearing which is then covered with hot asphalt that contains petroleum to resist the impact of air, dirt, and dew. Ceramic-coated granules in varying hues are embedded in this structure to ensure proper aesthetics and UV protection. The top is covered by sealant strips of raw asphalt.


There is a whole range of alternatives for you when you are selecting shingles for your home. A few common types incorporate the following.

  • 3-tab asphalt shingles: They provide you with the cheapest option available by keeping your budget in mind; providing you with the best work. If you are looking for the cheapest option, then this is your perfect choice. They are known as basic shingles in the construction market. As by looking at name it shows that it has three combinations of shingle. It has multiple inspiring color options available. Choose whatever and however, you want.
  • Architectural shingles: they are also known as laminate shingles or three-dimensional shingles. They are found in different forms, tones, and patterns which are known as 110mph or 130mph of wind rising. They are easy-going in bad weather conditions which include winds, storms, hails, etc. They are among the most stable roofing choices until now.
  • Premium shingles: They are found and known by the designer name in the market. They are dependent on the design of material found naturally like wood, slate, etc. They are considered as one of the best roofing materials for the buildings with high caliber and estate offices.

The Pros & Cons



People throughout the U.S. are fond of these shingles due to
the fact that they are cost-effective and durable. They conveniently last up to
15 to 17 years when installed with skill. Now, you may be wondering there are
materials with a better life expectancy like Spanish tiles, then why not them?
Due to the cheap cost that outweighs protection in the long-term.


They may not be as durable as long-lasting clay tiles, metal, cedar shakes, etc., they offer moderate protection compared to their cheap price. They offer adequate protection as a cost-effective roofing material alternative. They even offer a wide range of designs at an affordable rate.

Convenient Installing Procedure

Although you need a certain level of skill to install them, they are one of the easiest options to install compared to other roofing types. The major reason why people use them is that they can be placed over already installed shingles. They are quick to install and do not require any exclusive training.

Longer Warranty

They come with a warranty time of as long as fifty years
provided that you have purchased a premium quality shingle. The better and
heavier the shingle, the longer it will last. The lifetime of these shingles
also depends on the style of building.

Color and Style Choice

They are accessible in numerous hues, designs, patterns, etc. They mimic the style of organic tiling materials at a low price than costly roofing stones. You can also opt for energy-efficient shingles; for instance, shingles that limit the absorption of heat to keep your home cool in the summer season.


Continuous Care and Support

You need to clean your roof of dirt from time to time and ensure that rainwater does not ooze the material to prevent them from tearing apart. You need to ensure that algae and moss do not grow between any gaps.

Environmental Effect

They are manufactured from fibrous
glass and petroleum due to which they are not eco-friendly. They produce
greenhouse gases and waste energy in production and are not as recyclable as other
roof types such as clay tiles or concrete roofs.

Shorter Lifespan

Although they are cheap, they have a shorter lifespan compared to metal tiles, concrete tiles, clay tiles, etc. which boast a lifespan of around 50 to 70 years. Even wood boasts a lifetime of 30 years, almost two times the expected life of the asphalt.

Here are a few precautions too:

  • Do not install them below-freezing temperatures as they become damaged.
  • Do not install them in extreme temperature fluctuating conditions as they crack on expansion and contraction.
  • Do not use them in harsh and hot weather conditions as they start to dim and eventually crack.

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