1. Roofing Warranty

Our warranty is industry leading. Long story short, we will cover you for as long as you’re in your home.  This is a piece of mind you can feel good about.  If we do it, we feel good about it, and we will cover it for as long as you need us to.  You hired us and we’re doing our best for you.  Our roof coverage reflects that.  Sleep with a total peace of mind.

2. Customer Service

At the end of the day, it’s all about you and your experience. We hope you love us so much you refer your friends and family.  In order for that to happen we need to do it right the first time and we need you to love it!  Our hope and prayer is you love our service and you can be certain we will try our very best every time.

3. Attention to Details

Every detail is important. The slightest flashing misplace can cause water to drain into your home. We inspect our roofers and jobs thoroughly.  We listen to you and your expectations and we’re trying to deliver every time.  Rest assured every roof detail will be thought out and executed to perfection!

4. Quality Roofing Products

Every roofer has a choice as to which products they use on a roof. On each roof the contractor will ask himself, “which felt should I use?”  “Should I spring for the premium finish on the flashings or go more basic?”  “Will the customer really know?”

At MCS Roofing we asked ourselves this question once, and then answered it, and now we’re sticking to our answer forever!  We only use the best of the best.  We choose the best option in every circumstance.  You can feel confident your roof will last because we will always choose quality over price.

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