How much time it takes to re-roof a house?

A harsh gauge of 10 squares day by day may be a decent gauge, yet recall each house
is unique. Some have numerous hills, valleys, pitches, and edges. Others are generally
level. A few homes have pressed wood with organization shingles specifically on it;
while others have skip sheeting where compressed wood should be connected.
Considerably climate and the season have an impact in the re-rooftop process. Every
one of these components and more will add to the span of a rooftop establishment.

What guarantee you provide for a roof in a rain?

What you can be sure of is that we will ensure your home and it’s under guarantee for
us to do as such. We will ordinarily tear and seal as we go amid the winter months
leaving little regions uncovered at once. We don’t detach in the downpour as it will
prompt uncovered loft and would clearly cause harm, yet it’s important to hit climate
windows to secure your home. Thus, roofers will once in a while introduce shingles in
the downpour if the rooftop is detached and fixed. In a perfect world, we would all
rooftop in radiant and blue skies, yet we live in Seattle so it’s not generally the situation.

What type of surety MCS provide?

We are glad to offer a full lifetime guarantee on our craftsmanship. We trust our
workmanship will outlive the roofing shingles! We likewise enable our guarantee to be
exchanged to another proprietor! View our example guarantee HERE.

How MCS can safe my plants?

We ensure your plants in various distinctive ways. The most imperative thing for you to
recall is we would prefer not to purchase new plants and we truly care about your
satisfaction and referrals so we will surely attempt our best. We use canvases,
assemble boxes, fuse pressed wood and stepping stools, however by a long shot the
best thing we can do is care a great deal about your experience and be ultra-cautious!

How to know the actual time of roof maintenance?

Compositions shingles have a future of 20-50 years in perfect conditions when dealt
with legitimately. This never occurs so they commonly don’t keep going as long as they
should. We search for a couple diverse things on a black-top shingled rooftop.

Splits – Horizontal or vertical breaks in the tiles are terrible news and that implies you’re
drawing near to substitution.

Granular misfortune – Granules are heated on the shingles to shield from the sun’s
beams. This implies the UV will separate the fiberglass and black-top when it’s not avoided. In the event that your shingles are shedding granules it’s most likely time for
another rooftop.

Cedar Shakes – These wood rooftops have little "cuts" in the middle of the shingles
called key ways. The highest point of the key way is around 20″ up a 24″ long shingle
and begins off generally dainty. At the point when this wears through it’s an ideal
opportunity to supplant.

What types of shingles does MCS offer?

CertainTeed and Owens Corning roofing shingles because we believe them to be the best and most consistent quality on the market. We want to give you the best in everything we do and these two brands have stood the test of time and offer the greatest protection to you as the homeowner.

What is your turn around time?

We feel good about each roofing crew doing 2 jobs per week in the summer months and 1 job in the winter time.  We always want to maximize the daylight in the summers without scaring the roofs when it gets too hot.  During the winter we have to watch weather windows as to not leave the roofs exposed.  Our goal is to keep our crews happy and product a quality roof!

How long have you been in Business?

Our employees have been roofing and remodeling since 2001.  Our crews are trained and certified and we believe in continual education.  MCS Roofing, however, is a relatively new company as we re-branded opened our doors in 2015.

What are your Accreditation?

We are a certified roof installer through CertainTeed and Owens Corning Roofing products.  We believe heavily in the major brands and stand behind their products.

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