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Avoiding bad roofing techniques in Lake Stevens WA

The roof is the main armor against different elements and bad weather. The roof top has to withstand so much for it to function the way it is supposed to. This is why at MCS roofing company, we offer some of the best roofing options within Lake Stevens, WA, and the surrounding areas. By contacting us, you get a chance to access the best roofing materials, the best installations, the best repairs, and the best maintenance and cleaning.

Many red flags can tell you that your roof is in trouble. You can easily tell when the damage begins. It is important to act as soon as the issues are noticed in all cases. Don’t wait for the damage to get out of hand. You should get in touch with us to do a full assessment and give you the best quote you can get in the region.

We can recommend a full roof replacement or repairs in accordance with the damage witnessed on the roof. We can also prepare you for the repairs and guide you on things that should be done to ensure that your roof lasts a long time. Qualified roofers should only do a roof inspection. Don’t leave it to just any individual. Our roofing staff always gives you priority. You may be well aware of the rain received every year for those living in Lake Stevens, WA.

It also gets its share of precipitation in hail, sleet, snow, and rain. In any case, you have to take your roofing needs seriously in this area. The only way to guarantee the integrity of your roof is by working with the best roofing contractors in the area.

Why choose MCS roofing company

We have great experience in roofing matters and always strive to give you the best results. All our contractors are insured and certified, meaning they know what they are doing and give you the best work in Lake Stevens, WA. We cannot undertake any roofing, initial installation, repairs, or cleaning, without a thorough inspection. This is part of who we are. Our roofers can tell when there is a structural issue. After the inspection, we can tell you whether you need to replace the whole roof or settle for repairs. Maintenance and cleaning is also our strong suit and one of the main reasons you should contact us today.

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Bad roofing and how to avoid it

It is common for people to conduct home remodeling projects at different levels. One of the most expensive and extensive products undertaken is the roofing job. Depending on how severe the weather is where you are, getting a good job done may mean a roof that will last for many years to come. However, many of the roofing contractors don’t do a good job, and they end up installing the systems the wrong way. In such a case, the roof will fail to work as it is meant to. The best thing is to work with MCS roofing contractors and get the job done perfectly. There are some ways in which you can check to see whether the roof is installed as it should, and you need to know how such situations are avoided in the future. You can:


Take a look

This can be done with you standing on the ground. A visual inspection is a quick one, and you can easily notice if there are any issues related to uniformity. This can include a roof aging at different rates in different sections. You can also stay alert for cracked or missing shingles. If you notice stains, it could be that there is a leakage. This can be something that can be easily fixed, or it can be an isolated case.


Structural problems

Finding any structure problems is not something that can be checked by looking at the outer portions of the roof. Some structural elements include flashing, drip edges, underlayment, and roof decking. When there are structural problems, you may notice premature leakages and many other issues. This is why we always conduct a thorough inspection.

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Appearance Test

It is not hard to tell that you got a bad roofing job done. There is an appearance test that can tell you a lot. The only issue is that some problems may not be that obvious when the roof is newly installed. A roof may look fine, but after some time, you can spot all those little imperfections. Some of them include:

Lack of uniformity

one part of the roof can look completely different from the other even though the same roofing material in the same color had been used in its making. It could be the mismatched shingles meaning that the contractor you hired tried to find shortcuts to save money and time. You can look for a sagging roofline.

The rooflines should be straight. If they are curved or dipped, there is an issue with the framing or the decking. When the shingles have different colors, there could be leakage or that the contractor didn’t take time to match the materials.

If you see missing, damaged, or worn-out shingles, the roof may have to be replaced. Seeing such an issue on the roof that has just been installed shows that a shoddy job was done.

All shingles need to be pristine and new. They should not be reused or recycled.

Reusing flashing materials

A thin metal sheet is usually installed on your roof to ensure there is no water leakage into your home at all angles and all joints on your roof. There are instances when the contractors decide to use the flashing materials, which is wrong. The roof being fixed was not leaking does not mean that the material should be reused. Even though there are no restrictions, the nails we use to install the new roof may not necessarily go in the old flashing. If you are trying to avoid leakage, by all means, you need to have the flashing replaced with a new one.


Customer Services

We strive to make our customers happy thus if you are not happy we are not happy. We will secure your roof and your trust. Your roof is essential to your well being and we will talk with you throughout the whole process so you know what is happening and how the timeline is going. We install each roof as if it were our own making sure everything is perfect.

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