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Our reputation is built on the highest quality service we provide and the trust we have built over the years as Everett’s roofing company.

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With many years of roofing experience, MCS Roofing in Everett,Washington, provides quality workmanship. Therefore, our company is completely equipped with all the skills and tools necessary to complete any roofing service to its highest standards all across Everett. We are proud of the work we do and we know you will be happy with MCS Roofing!

Make an appointment, we’ll come out assess your current roof, provide a free quote and answer all your questions. Our Everett roofing company wants to help you! Contact Now MCS Roofing Everett WA.

Quality Roofing Services – Everett Roofing

Our reputation is built on the highest quality service we provide and the trust we have built over the years.  Decades of experience in Roofing Company Everett WA. We brought our workmanship skills to speak for themselves in louder clearer works of excellence. With many factors that one may consider before getting any roofing service, we are here to cover all of those aspects of doubt you may have. Call Everett Roofing Company 425-224-7277 or email us at marlon@mcsroofingcompany.com


Cedar Shingles

The cedar shingle is known for its great look and unique style, but also because it is an ecological and sustainable product. MCS Roofs in Everett offers Western Cedar roofing shingles, which are known for their great durability.


Surface Preparation

We pay special attention to the various sub-layers; types of membrane, black paper, steel, etc. This preparation ensures we keep our standards high and contributes to the long lasting quality of the covering of your roof. As Everett Roofing contractors, we want to ensure our work is done properly. 


Insulation And Ventilation

A roof is not complete and effective if it is not provided with good insulation and working ventilation. Proper ventilation reduces moisture and ice from forming, while good insulation saves energy and heat. As your Roofers Everett WA, we ensure that these things are properly set up and working.


Steel Roofs

This steel coating is an ecological choice since it can be kept for more than 50 years. It is available in a wide variety of colors and can be installed with exposed screws. The MAC-type steel offers a popular antique seal that many homeowners enjoy.

Roofing and Construction


We guarantee a durable roof with a 5-year warranty on labor.  A roof worthy of your exterior and that will withstand the elements for a long time is our goal as one of Everett roofing companies. The cleanliness of the site at the end of the work is also important to us.  MCS Roofing in Everett is committed to providing you with quality service at all times.


Snow Removal

The snow that accumulates on roofs can be a real danger for people, for the structure of buildings and for its occupants. Rain and warmer temperatures that melt snow can also cause a roof to collapse. Snow removal on your roof is therefore very important for everyone’s safety. For more information on roofing in Everett, contact MCS Roofing.

Professional & Guaranteed  Services

We offer professional, efficient and friendly service as well as quality products made for Everett, Washington climate. The installation is always done according to the recommendations of each manufacturer. Whether it is for a new roof or for an existing roof renovation, our Everett roofing team will meet your needs.

MCS Roofing travels to make a complete written assessment based on your needs.  For new constructions, we will evaluate the costs according to the plans provided.

Accurate Quotes

Looking for a new roof or in need of roof repair, call MSC Roofing at 425-224-7277 to set up your first appointment for your Everett home. During your appointment we will inspect your roof then talk to you about your needs, wants and expectations; this usually takes about an hour.

We will give you a detailed estimate of what we expect your cost to be along with a timetable your project may require.

Call today to set up your free estimate! We believe in the upfront statement and we clear any doubts you may have with our services.

Northwest Experience

As a well-known Everett Roofing Company, we know the Northwest! We are glad to be spread across numerous urban communities and Everett is one of them. Our company focuses on fulfilling your roofing needs no matter the time of year. MCS Roofing is knowledgeable about the PNW climate and prepared for any change that may happen.


Lifetime Warranty

We are devoted to our customers and want them to be completely satisfied. We offer a multi-year or lifetime warranty for our work as a quality roofing Company in Everett. Please contact us to further discuss our lifetime warranty roof coverage policies!

Call today to set up your free estimate! We believe in the upfront statement and we clear any doubts you may have with our services.

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Customer Services

We strive to make our customers happy thus if you not satisfied with our work, we would like to make it better as your Everett roofing company. We will secure your roof and your trust. Your roof is essential to your well being and we will talk with you throughout the whole process so you know what is happening and how the timeline is going. We install each roof as if it were our own making sure everything is perfect.

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