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Quality Workmanship

We offer a 50 year (or Lifetime of the Roof) Warranty for our Roofing Company Everett. In addition to covering you while you are in the home, if you ever sell your home, it is also transferable to the new owner. This is such an advantage and great selling point. We are proud of the work we do and we know you will be happy with MCS Roofing!

Northwest Experience

As a proud Everett Roofing Company, we know the Northwest! We know that weather windows can be fleeting, so we know it’s important to work fast with changing weather windows. We don’t tear off in the rain, but we can install shingles in the rain if the roof is already torn off and sealed.

Lifetime Warranty

As a proud Everett Roofing expert, we are proud of our Lifetime Warranty. Our installed roofs will be free from leaks caused by substandard installation for the life of the roof (also known as a 50 year period) from the date your roof is completed. This warranty is also transferable! It is 100% transferable with written consent to the new homeowner! If you have more questions about our warranty, you can find more information here.

Accurate Quotes

Once you call your local Everett Roofing Company at 425-224-7277 to set up your first appointment, we will come out to give you your first quote. This appointment usually takes about an hour. During this appointment, we will look at your roof, talk to you about your needs and schedule, and give you a detailed estimate of what we expect your cost to be along with the timetable for your project. Call today to set up your free estimate!

Questions? Contact your very own Everett Roofing Company

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