Want to replace an old roof? Or revamp a broken one? Or starting from the scratch? Whatever the case, hiring a roofing contractor is a major task that should be taken seriously. Roof repair, installment and replacement are the investments that demand you to consider a lot. Otherwise, you will end up making costly mistakes.

As a homeowner, you need to ensure you hire a roofing company whose work is going to last. You do not want to hire a contractor who ends up costing you a lot of money in the long term. Here, due diligence is important as you need to look for roofers in Lynwood who offer best job in affordable rates.

There are a lot of mistakes that people make when hiring a
roofing contractor. And you surely want to avoid them. To help you, we are
going to list top seven you should avoid when hiring a roofing contractor in

1. Do Not Ask For Information on Licenses, Certifications and Insurance

Before you hire a roofing contractor, you need to ensure
that the company you are talking to is bonded in the trade. It is important to
see if they are licensed to avoid any fraud. You can search for this
information on the website of your state’s licensing board.

You should also ask the roofing contractor to hand you his
liability insurance copy as well as the company’s certificates of worker’s
compensation. Ensure that the coverages mentioned on the liability insurance
covers the time period of your roof repair or installation.

If your roofing contractor is not licensed and insured, you
can get into serious trouble. You may also be held liable if any worker gets
injured working on your property. This is why you need to check that the
workers are insured by the company.

2. Do Not Shop Around

Roof repair, replacement and installation are expensive
tasks. Homeowners often settle one roofing contracting without entertaining
bids from different companies. You do not want to do that. You need to complete
your home work before you settle on a single roofing contractor.

Reach out to as many companies as possible. Get an idea of
different price ranges so you can prepare the finances beforehand. But you also
do not want to go for the cheapest bid. The contractors who offer low proves
often use cheap building materials and do not pay attention to minor details.

Search for a roofing contractor who has previously done the
work you are looking for. Ensure that they meet your criteria and provide the
best work.

3. Do Not Check Reputation, Reviews and Track Record of the Company

The roofing industry is lucrative. Shoddy contractors have
joined the industry and they do not pay attention to the details of the buyer.
They look for quick money, use cheap products and take short time to complete
the job.

When hiring a roofing contractor, you need to look for the
location of the company, their ratings and online reviews. Ensure that the
contractor you are hiring has good reviews on Google, Facebook etc. Also ensure
they have A+ ratings and accreditations on BBB, Yelp etc.

Ensure that the company is confident in work they offer, and
is able to present reference to happy clients. A reliable contractor will be
more than happy to provide reviews. Know their competencies and skills.

4. Do Not Get a Warranty

A reliable roofing contractor will provide you a warranty. They
are proud of their work. Any company who is not confident to stand behind its
work is not the one you want to hire. You need to ensure they provide warranty
on both materials and work.

Successful roofing contractors offer a warranty of up to 10
years on their materials. Ensure that you clear every warrant detail in your
contract before you sign the contract. You should know what to expect from the
contractor before you actually hire them.

5. Making Price-Based Decisions

It is important not to make decisions based on price only
when hiring a roofing contractor. If a contractor offers too low rates, then
the company is not the one you want to hire. They are a cause of concerns and
may be cutting corners you do not want to deal with later.

You can overcome this problem by getting multiple quotes
from different contractors and comparing the bids. It gives you a chance to
decide a general estimate you are required to spend on roof repair or

Keep in mind that it is a huge investment and you do not
want to rush the process. It is tempting to settle down on one contractor when
you are in an emergency. But do your research and take time to avoid any
mistakes you do not want to live with.

6. Do Not Get a Written Proposal and Contract

‘Guesstimate” and roofing contractor do not go together.
Ensure that your contractor presents you a written proposal before you hire the
company. It should be a detailed and thorough explanation of everything they
will do such as the task at hand, the number of days, the materials, payment

Do not accept a verbal quote. Understand everything that
needs to be done. Ask them to for a written contract that includes the bid,
estimate, cost, warranty, insurance etc. It ensures that your investment is
worth the money.

Another advantage of a written contract is that your
contractor is not able to inflate the bill or claim anything extra once they
have completed the task. It also ensures that they do not use cheap materials
and provide low quality service. Know that a reliable contractor will be
willing to do so.

7. Do Not Get Your Roof Inspected

You may have checked everything off the list when hiring a
reliable roofing contractor, but you may still be at risk if you do hire a
professional and authentic roofing inspector to inspect your roof for repairs,
leaks etc.

You may also be at the risk of wasting your money for not
correctly identifying the roof problem which is going to cost you even more
money in long term.

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