About MCS Roofing

We're a family owned and operated roofing contractor; read to learn all about MCS Roofing Company!

Owner, Marlon Castellanos

Marlon Castallanos was born in Honduras where he grew up and graduated school. His first job out of high school was working in construction building homes from the foundation up. He later went to Virginia, as he had family there. He decided to stay in the construction field as he was very good at it and liked to build and create with his hands. In Virginia he did a number of different things such as, ceramics, floors, painting, drywall, and of course roofing.


Safety Rating

History of MCS Roofing

In addition to building and creating with his hands Marlon has always loved to travel. He wanted to see more of the United States and he traveled around eventually landing near Seattle. His first work opportunity in Washington was for a prominent roofing company. There he expanded his education as he went through a number of high end trainings and certifications.

Marlon has always dreamed of owning his own roofing company and has continuously worked towards that end. It started with getting his own crew, then branching out as a subcontractor for a number of other high-end roofers. Little by little MCS started taking jobs on their own and their own company blossomed.

Why MCS Roofing?

Marlon has always maintained an idea of how a company should be ran and how employees and customers should be treated. With the addition of his personal family that vision grew to where he also wanted to spend much more time with family. He thought successfully running his own company would eventually give him that. The dream of always wanting to have a company who could serve mass amounts of people without a huge price. The balance of doing a great job with a substantial warranty on the work is essential as well. “It’s a value thing”, adds Marlon. “We want to do the best job imaginable for the lowest cost. If we can do that and keep our customers happy we will be in business for a long time.”

Family Roofing Company

Marlon is now proudly married to his wife Carla and they have a beautiful daughter named Mia Ellen. They have formed a supportive home culture as they all work together to create the perfect roofing experience for each customer. On their free time they like to keep it simple while watch movies, and hanging with the family. Marlon sees this down time as his most precious moments.

Marlon is always striving to create a sense of community for his family. He still loves the Sonics and roots for the Seahawks every Sunday. Outside of his immediate family he finds salt water fishing relaxing; always searching for the biggest fish in the ocean!

We want to earn your trust and we believe in working hard for it.  This is our family business and we put our signature on every  project we do and every roof we install.  Your home will be treated like our home.
No hablan Inglés no hay problema , se habla español.  Servimos a la comunidad Española y ofrecer grandes ofertas en nuestro trabajo y techos. Si hablamos Espanol y Inglés!
Everything we touch we feel responsible for.  Our job is to keep your home safe and protected.  We’ll take it personal and we want your home to feel safe and comfortable in the worst weather.
MSC Roofing has all the proper licensing, bonding, and insurance.  We value ethics and doing everything right for the company and of course the customer.
  • CertainTeed 75%
  • Owens Corning 35%
  • Cedar Shake 20%